Convenient, effective and COVID19-safe online tutoring in
with 30 years experience teaching in government & private
secondary schools.

Also offering exciting and educational SHOWS and INCURSIONS
for primary and secondary school students on various themes
including National Science Week &other curriculum topics
(incursions can be tailored to school curriculum needs).


If you or your child needs help with PHYSICS, SCIENCE or MATHS, online tutoring is a very convenient way for your student to get live, qualified help no matter where you live! Proven effective help for your student (read details below), COVID19 safe and no travelling! $40 per hour from a EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED TEACHER.

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Online tutoring is a very convenient way for your student to get live, qualified help no matter where you live! Proven effective help for your student, COVID19 safe and no travelling! Written online notes shared with your student during the session are then emailed after the session for future reference. $40 per hour, for a 1-hour session.

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Bookings are now available for Diane's Science Week 2022 show on the statewide theme of Glass: More than Meets the Eye. Please complete the booking and enquiry form for more details.


These hands-on workshops can be tailored to suit your specific curriculum needs and the year level(s) of your students. Click LEARN MORE to see the workshops on offer. SCHOOLS - Scroll down to see info on Science Week shows.

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The National Science Week 2021 theme was 'Food: Different by Design. It honoured the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.


The National Science Week 2020 theme was 'Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans' and features the establishment of the Blue Economy CRC.


An exciting National Science Week incursion/presentation (on the 2019 theme of Destination Moon) featuring audio-visual presentations, interactive demonstrations and dressed-up characters including Miss Moon, Polly Rocket, Galaxy Girl and NASA astronaut Roger Houston. This program was offered throughout the months of July, August & September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing (20 July) and Science Week (10-18 August). This show is still available to schools in Term 4, 2019 and beyond - if you are interested, please email or send a message using the Contact tab.

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Diane is a qualified secondary teacher with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) majoring in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, with current Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration and a current Police and Working With Children Check.
With over 30 years of experience teaching Physics, Science & Mathematics in both government & private secondary schools, she not only has the KNOWLEDGE but also the understanding of HOW TO TEACH and HOW students LEARN.

After over 30 years in traditional secondary school education, Diane is continuing to use her skills and knowledge to tutor individual students.

Diane's many years as Head of Science involved planning and running excursions, incursions and many Science events to engage students in Science. This, along with her passion for Science, her love of costumes, dressing up and transforming into various characters for Science Week and other programs, has led her to develop in-school presentations and demonstrations for students that are not only informative, but also exciting, fun and engaging.

Diane Krosby

The Maths Science Lady!

Professor Mad.E.Scientist

B.Sci B.Phun

Mad.E.Scientist (Maddie for short) is an excitable lady who gives presentations to students to encourage them to love Science as much as she does.

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Professor Peri OdicTable


Professor Peri OdicTable is a scientist who is most truly 'in her element' when she is demonstrating and talking about Chemistry.

Nikola Tesla

A very bright spark ...

Nikola loves to spark student interest in Physics especially electricity.

Albert Einstein

A relatively very famous scientist!

Marie Curie

A very famous female scientist with a radiant and curie-ous personality!

Sir Isaac Newton

A giant of Science and a force to be reckoned with!

Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Girl always gives a stellar performance and is universally loved by school audiences, for her passion for all things cosmic.

Roger Houston

Roger is a NASA Astronaut who really suits his role. He's a bit of a space cadet but always entertaining.

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